Friday, February 18, 2011

How To Make Stunning Brochures

By Troy Duff

Brochures can tell a lot about you and the company or product you represent. And it is one of those rare print advertisements that your customers are likely to keep or take home.

So what would you do to make stunning brochures? Here are some tips to get your desired results.

Printing tools. If you are going to print your own brochure, you will have to make use of software tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Xpress, and Microsoft Publisher that help in brochure printing. You can look for printing reviews such as that of printplace reviews to have an in-depth knowledge on these tools. Using these tools and the tips given below, you can come up with a chic yet professional brochure that looks very authentic. Is the idea of color brochures worrying you? There’s really no need to worry as these tools and tips apply to color brochure printing as well.

Size matters. If you don't give the correct setup size for your brochures then the printing service will return it to you and ask you to set it up for the proper output size. If you want to prevent this, double check to see that the setup size and the paper size match exactly. When a printing service detects a flaw it will stretch or shrink the brochure layout to fit the paper, thus, adversely affecting the quality of the product.

Don’t forget the bleed. What do we mean by print bleed? Printplace reviews define print bleed as a process that is followed to make the final printed brochure look its best. Brochures are printed together in a bunch, and then cut up into individual units. When you use a blade to cut over thousands of pieces over time it's going to lose its accuracy and begin to falter. How can this be remedied? By elongating or stretching out the brochure design a little beyond the set page borders, you'll continue to have solid ink coverage from side to side even when you cut each page. Do this especially if you are planning to have a photo, color, or pattern that will be prominently shown on the extreme side of your brochure layout. Experts recommend keeping an extra 1/8th inch of coverage beyond each edge in your brochure.

Resolution should be at its best. Do you want a very professional looking brochure as your final output? Online printer reviews suggest using high-resolution images in your layout. Color plays a crucial role in your brochure. Colors must be realistic and recognizable. What happens if you don't use the proper resolution? Your images turn out to be soft, hazy, or even pixilated. Images are affected when you have low resolution. It may look faded or dull. If this is the result of the printed brochures, it defeats your purpose.

There is a difference between the images that are displayed on the computer monitor which are only 72 dpi (dots-per-inch) and those that appear on paper. In the case of a full color brochure printing, images will be a laborious chore as the images you see on the monitor simply do not get converted satisfactorily to the hard copy. Visit websites that sell you affordable, high - resolution, royalty-free images that you can implement in your brochure designs.

By following these, no doubt you will have stunning brochures every time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Building Trust in Customers For Your Ecommerce Site

Getting new visitors to visit your website is not very difficult task, but if you want them to lure them to become your customers then they should be coming back to make a purchase, in short grab their attention and trust. This thing becomes more difficult for visitors who are new to online shopping concept and have not purchased anything online. As soon as a customer makes a purchase a default email stating that their order is important should come up. In case your shopping cart software does not have this facility then, send your customers personalized email thanking them for placing an order with them and choosing their website for shopping online. After the order of the customer is dispatched then mail another email informing them about the date it was sent and the shipping method had been deployed.

Along with these details mail the tracking number too. If sometimes there is any delay in processing the customer’s order, then let them know in advance. This is very essential as customers who are new to this concept would be confused and irritated if there order is not delivered on time, and also if you have their financial information. Prior informing about any delay builds up trust and good rapport with the clients.

Be very prompt in reverting back to the customers’ queries. All target customers would prefer an ecommerce website that is prompt in answering back their inquires in prompt manner. Always address a customer by their name or Sir/Madam in the mail or on telephone. Communicate in such a manner that they feel that they are talking to the real person behind your website. Do not give stereotype answers to the questions of the customers, it would put them off. Keep your dealings professional yet make your customers feel that they are receiving personalized attention.

First time customers should be asked for their consent them sending them email. If you sent indistinct newsletter to the prospective clients than it would create negative impression about your company. In your mail to first time customers let them know about the special offers, discount coupons or any other scheme which they can avail for greater benefits. Do not forget to include your company name whenever you do email marketing campaign. Customers would be motivated to make another from an ecommerce website if they got good services and product offering. They can also refer your site to their family and friends by spreading positive word of mouth.

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