Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Want to Fail Your Way to Success?

Can you fail in some area of business and still create a successful business? Andrea Scott, a home business expert, reveals a healthy perspective of failure which can lead to the creation of a profitable home business.

By Andrea Scott

Failure is seen as a dirty word in our society. People are praised and lionized when they are successful. But let a public figure make a serious mistake and that’s another story. They are considered has-beens and also-rans. We idolize the “successes” and we mock those who “fail”.

But what if failure is part of the process of achieving your goal? What if we took another look at failure, gave it a different definition?

Webster’s dictionary defines failure as “an event that does not accomplish its intended purpose”. The Oxford dictionary defines failure as a “lack of success in doing or achieving.”

However, these definitions raise an important question. Should we consider someone a failure because they haven’t achieved business success? Did the event fail or is the person a failure? Should they let the event or situation define their value and worth as a human being?
Your perspective changes everything. So what’s the option? What’s another perspective on your business failure?

John C. Maxwell, in his book, “Failing Forward” states that “Every successful person is someone who failed, yet never regarded himself as a failure.” He cites Albert Einstein, one of the greatest thinkers of our time, who was told by a Munich schoolmaster that he “would never amount to much.”

Maxwell encourages you to “Tell yourself, ‘I’m not a failure. I failed at doing something.” You need certain abilities in order to have a healthy view of failure. You must first reject rejection. Instead of taking failure personally, take responsibility for your actions and learn from the situation.

Achievers also see failure as a temporary situation. They don’t think it’s a permanent event. Consequently they think creatively about the challenge that they face and identify possible solutions. Successful people have realistic expectations for their goals. They accept their setbacks and learn from them. They persevere despite the setbacks.

Achievers also concentrate on their strengths. They focus their energy on what they can do instead of complaining about what they can’t do. They develop their strengths.

As you evaluate your failure, ask yourself “What can I learn from this situation?” Is there another perspective to consider? What are your successes in the situation? What did you do well? What could you improve?

As you review the situation, ponder how you can improve your strengths. Also, consider if there is someone who could help you in your weaknesses. Create an action plan with that person and take the first step.

As you change your perspective and take action, you are failing forward. You are using failure to create great success. You are a winner!

Andrea Scott is a joyful internet marketing entrepreneur who shows others how to have a successful online business.

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