Monday, April 5, 2010

Declaring What You Don't Want Causes Self Sabotage

Are you putting more energy into declaring what you DON'T WANT than you are into declaring what you DO WANT? When you make a declaration of any kind, you are giving it your full attention and putting yourself into alignment with creating even more of it. For example, if say that you really DON'T WANT to have money problems, then "money problems" is what your mind is focused on and, as the popular saying goes, "What you focus on will E X P A N D."

By Troyann Williams

What happens when you put more focus on what you DON’T WANT than what you actually DO WANT?

When you make a declaration, you put yourself into alignment with that declaration and you create even more of it. For example, if say that you really DON’T WANT to have money problems, then “money problems” is what your mind is focused on and, as the popular saying goes, “What you focus on will E X P A N D.”

So it stands to reason that any declaration you make regarding what you DON’T WANT, i.e., unhealthy relationships, to be overweight, stress and anxiety, etc., is telling your mind to pay strict attention to and E X P A N D upon what you actually DON’T WANT. Making a declaration about what you DON’T WANT only serves to create a ripe opportunity for you to sabotage your efforts to have what you actually DO WANT.

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself, “Well, I say I don’t want money problems, but my mind knows the difference. It knows what I mean.” Perhaps somewhere inside yourself you know that when you say you “don’t want money problems” it actually means that you DO want financial prosperity, however, by making your declaration focused on the negative, you have given your emotional power over to the very thing you say you DON’T WANT; i.e., “money problems.”

Whenever I begin working with a new client, I always start by asking them to give me a full description of what they WANT. More often than not, they will give me a very lengthy list of all the things they DON’T WANT. When I point out to them that they only told me about what they DON’T WANT, they have a great deal of trouble telling me about what they actually DO WANT.

So consider this scenario; pretend for a moment that you are out in the country and you happen to be in a barn. The barn catches on fire and out of a sense of fear and self preservation you begin running AWAY from the burning barn. As you run away from the danger and threat of the burning barn you continue to turn back and look at what you are running away from. As you are running forward and continuing to look backward you trip on a rock and fall down, or perhaps you run right off a cliff, or you run into the street and get hit by a car. My point here is that looking back at what you are trying to get AWAY from will only cause you to feel the fear of what you are trying to get AWAY from; i.e., the danger of the burning barn. As you give all of your attention and focus to the burning barn you might assume that you are moving toward safety, when in reality you are doing nothing more than running away from the burning barn. If you are lucky you may make your way to the safety you desire, however, was it the specific place of safety you really wanted for yourself.

In order to E X P A N D the good stuff into your life you must get VERY CLEAR about what you DO WANT and work to stay focused on moving TOWARD that which you DO WANT.

Recently, one of my clients emailed me to tell me that, as a result of getting very clear on how much money he wanted to make on an annual basis, he almost immediately began to see signs of moving forward, TOWARD the money he wants to attract. Most significantly, the week after clarifying and declaring his money goals a friend called him - completely out of the blue - and asked if he would come to work for him - and get this - at the exact salary that my client wrote down the week before. Now, it doesn’t usually work quite that specifically, however, I will tell you that you will ALWAYS get MORE of what you DO WANT if you are very CLEAR about what you DO WANT and you FOCUS on getting more of what you DO WANT.

What are you currently declaring for yourself? Are you making declarations about what you “DON’T WANT”? Money problems, health problems, relationship problems, job problems?

It is vital that you clarify what you DO WANT. Do you want to create financial prosperity, an abundance of phyical energy and well-being, happy and loving relationships, or perhaps a way of feeling like your life has meaning and purpose? What you actually WANT will not come into your life until you begin to purposely move toward it.

Problems are what you get when you take your eyes off the goal. So get clear on your goal and stay focused on it until it E X P A N D S and fills up your life!

I hope you find joy and happiness on your journey! Troyann

Troyann Williams is a highly renowned SuccessEsteem Coach. Troyann has devoted her life to developing products and services that help people shift their self-sabotage behaviors into SuccessEsteem for reaching greater levels of happiness and prosperity. For a FREE GUIDE: Recognizing the 5 Most Significant Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Own Efforts to Be Successful, go to ==>

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