Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Vital Tools In Your Manifestation Toolbox

There are 3 vital tools that can help you to grow and become successful in whatever you wish. Self-Reliance and learning to think for yourselves and expanding our education continuously is one vital tool. We must first know what our passion is and what we enjoy doing. Finally, determination, do we have what it takes to keep at it until we become successful.

By Valerie A Dawson

Mastering the conscious use of the Law of Attraction depends on your ability to expand your own confidence, knowledge and skill. Developing the three qualities below will help you form a solid foundation upon which your success can grow:

Do you sometimes feel as if you need to take a formal “course” in manifestation to master it? We often turn over much of our power to institutions and programs and that dispense knowledge and forget that we ourselves can be our greatest teachers - and this is especially true when it comes to attracting abundance into our lives. Formal education is certainly a valuable and positive way to enhance our opportunities in life, but it often falls short by failing to emphasize the importance of thinking for ourselves and expanding our education continuously. Self-education can be more lucrative than limiting ourselves to what others teach us. If we make an effort to learn from every experience, we will embark on a journey of consistent inner growth and evolvement that will pay off forever. Not only will we find it easier to make more money, we will expand and enrich every aspect of our lives.

We cannot become wildly successful at something we don’t enjoy.
Yet many of us start out trying to do just that. We see a person who is successful at a specific activity and we think that we could attain success too if we just follow their example. Eventually we realize that success has nothing to do with the activity, but has everything to do with the person who is performing the activity.

Another challenge is that many of us have no idea what we love to do - or how to earn money doing it even if we do have an idea. This is where self-reflection can be a useful tool, because deep inside we truly do know the answers to both of these questions. We simply have to ask and listen for the guidance that inevitably follows.

When we look back at past goals we set and never achieved, it is often clear that we made poor progress because we didn’t care enough to put forth a strong intensity of effort.
Conversely, there may have been things we wanted so desperately that we did whatever it took to make them happen. Failure was simply not an option with those goals. Which category do your current goals and aspirations fall into? Are you truly willing to do whatever it takes to achieve them, or do you often find yourself losing determination or procrastinating when it comes time to work on them? If it’s the latter, you may want to spend some time tweaking your goal until it becomes so important that you can’t NOT achieve it.

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