Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ask the Wrong Questions. Get the Wrong Answers.

The most important aspect of making a sale - is also a major weakness of every salesperson. Asking questions.

It's an enigma to me. Questions are so critical, you'd think it would be the topic of training every week. Yet salespeople are odds on favorites to have never taken one training program in the science of asking a question.

How critical? The first personal (rapport) question sets the tone for the meeting, and the first business question sets the tone for the sale. That's critical. Benefits of asking the right question? Good question.

Here are 10 benefits to make sales by:

(1) Quality the buyer.

(2) Establish rapport.

(3) Create prospect disparity.

(4) Eliminate or differentiate from the competition.

(5) Build credibility.

(6) Know the customer and their business.

(7) Identify needs

(8) Find hot buttons.

(9) Get personlal information.

(10) Close the sale.

Here's the challenge:

Get every prospect and customer to say "No one ever asked me that before."

Here are 8 questioning success strategies:

(1) Ask prospect questions that make him evalutate new information.

(2) Ask question that qualify needs.

(3) Ask questions about improved productivity, profits or savings.

(4) Ask questions aout company or personal goals.

(5) Ask questions that separate you from your competition - no compare you to them.

(6) Ask question that make the customer or prospect think before giving a response.

(7) Ask Power Questions to create a BUYING atmosphere - not a selling one.

(8) CRITIAL SUCCESS STRATEGY: To enhance your listening skills, write down answers. it prove you care, preserves your data for follow-up, keeps the record straight, and makes the customer feel important.

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