Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Testimonials are the Only Proof You've Got

Who is better at selling your product, you or your customer's testimonial?

Not even close. Your customer can outsell you one hundred to one. And even though you intuitively know this, you still thin you have to "sell" and "educate" the prospect. Nothing could be more powerful than the words of one customer who loves you, telling a customer thinking about doing business with you to DO IT! Are you going to believe your next door neighbor who just bought a car like the one you want, or a car salesman? Neighbor of course. Same with your business.

The most powerful person on your sales team is your customer.

Knowing that, why don't you take your customer with you on sales calls? They're better than you at closing the sale. way better. Your customer, your cat AND your kids sell better than you. You are the WORST salesperson on your team.

Testimonial power secret.

Most salespeople are so hell bent to get a testimonial, that they get the wrong kind, AND they fail to capture the most important element of a sale: Buy motives.

Worth remembering:

Asking a customer to tell you their reasons for purchasing from you will get you hundreds more sales of the same type.

Buying motives are 1,000 times more powerful than selling skills. Make that 10,000.

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