Friday, January 1, 2010

Positive Thoughts Lead to Success

Through studying successful men and women from the past I found that they all had clearly set goals and reviewed them daily. They began their upward trajectory to success early in the morning through some time alone. This is called the Golden hour. During this time we need to review our goals and state them as if they already happened. Everyone's success and life will start to take off at such a speed that they will have to put on a seatbelt.

By Helena Syptak

Many successful men and women from the past, as I found, had clearly set goals which they reviewed daily. They began their climb to success when they set aside some time early in the morning and spent this time alone.

I found that I need to feed my mind with positive ideas.

Supposedly, this is called the Golden Hour. The first hour sets the tone for the day. The things that I do in the first hour prepare the mind and set me up for the entire day. During the first half an hour or so of the day, I spend time to reflect on my present and future plans and goals.

There are some things that everyone can do on daily basis during that quiet time in the morning. Every time you write your goals again, you write them as if they already happened. This way you could write “I have made X amount of dollars”; “I have accomplished X”; “I weigh a certain number of pounds.” I have found that this exercise of writing and rewriting your goals everyday is one of the most powerful things I ever learned. It keeps me focused and keeps me in the positive mind set throughout the day.

Everyone’s life will start to take off at such a speed that they will have to put on your seatbelt. Everything is about building up and developing belief system until you finally reach the point where you are absolutely convinced that nothing can stop you from achieving what you set out to achieve.

No one starts out with this kind of an attitude, I did not. But I developed it using the law of attraction. Everything counts. No efforts are ever lost. Every accomplishment is the result of many small accompishments which go often unrecognized, but they are all attracted to you. The greatest challenge of all is for anyone to concentrate their thinking single-mindedly on the goal. Through this anyone can inevitably draw into their life the people, circumstances and opportunities they need to achieve their goals.

I have come to a conclusion that as you master yourself and your thoughts, you will start attracting ideas and opportunities to your life to help you to become wealthy and successful. It’s worked for me and for many successful people I know. It will work for you if you’ll begin today, now, this very minute, to think and talk about your dreams and goals as though they were already a reality. You will change you life once you change your thinking. You will put yourself firmly on the road to success and independence.

I am not saying that every wish, every thought will be granted to you. But this process will change the outlook you have on the world, on your circumstance and on your life. This will start attracting the positive into your life.

Here are two things I do every single day to keep my mind focused on my success goals:

First, I get up every morning a little bit earlier and plan my day in advance. I take some time to think about my goals and how I can best achieve them. This sets the tone for the whole day.

Second, I reflect on the valuable lessons I am learning each day as I work toward my goals. I need to be prepared to correct my course and adjust my actions. I need to be absolutely convinced that I am moving rapidly toward my goals, no matter what happens temporarily on the outside. I just need to feed my mind with positive ideas!

I would like to leave you today with one of my favourite quotes by Michelangelo: “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Helena Syptak has been involved in the home based industry for over 5 years. She has reached her top leader status through dedicated work, the support of some of the top income earners in the industry and through application of very simple step-by-step system. Today Helena herself supports and coaches many entrepreneurs. To find out more about Helena go to -

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