Monday, February 8, 2010

How to Become a Facebook Marketing Star

Ever wanted to know how to make the most of your Facebook marketing? Check out this article for all you'll need to know.

By Leon Hill

If Facebook marketing is something you’ve tried for your business, you’ll know the power of it and possibly, how some people are gaining thousands of new visitors per day because of it.
The thing is that most people try, though most of those end up failing before they achieve success.

In this article I’m going to go over a few ways you can make sure you get the most out of promoting your business on Facebook and really start bringing in the cash.

To begin, you’re going to need a decent number of fans or Facebook friends to effectively market your product or service. Of course, there’s no point in starting to promote a product or service if you have no fans. The good thing is, there are a few ways of getting more.

Firstly, you can send out loads of friend requests or messages and hope that you get some people who reciprocate. This can take a little time to implement, though it is a tactic that’s extremely effective. Just make sure that when you decide to do this, you target people in the same industry or interest group that you’re in. Once you manage this, you should be able to easily start marketing to them and bringing in the dollars.

But if you want to get fans or friends even easier, there are places on the internet which will allow you to buy them. To search for them, simply search on Google.

Next on the list, when you start your marketing efforts, be sure to remember not to spam your fans—this is extremely important. The thing is that people are doing this more and more regularly. However, it’s really not going to do your business any justice if you do the same thing.

A good guide that I use is to only send out one promotional message on Facebook per day. While for some people this might not seem like enough, any more than this and you might lose fans.
But one tip that you can utilize here is to see when the vast majority of your fans and friends are on and send your promo message at that time of the day.

When you finally begin making some cash, the best advise I can give is to invest some money in having a company design an app to further promote you. It is an absolutely powerful way of promoting your business service and getting loads more traffic to your site.

Well, that about ends my article on Facebook marketing tips to help you build your business. All that’s left to do for you now is to actually get out there and begin implementing these strategies.

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