Monday, March 1, 2010

Law of Attraction: Using it to Your Advantage at Work

Anyone not aware of the Law of Attraction principle is bound to soon realize that such theory is basic fundamental of the Buddhist Faith. In a nutshell, what you think about is what you will bring about...

By Nicolas Baron

Anyone not aware of the Law of Attraction principle is bound to soon realize that such theory is a basic fundamental of the Buddhist Faith.

The basis of what the theory stands for is that your thoughts become your reality. It basically boils down to the simple fact that we are all totally responsible for our own destiny, and what ever we give to the world will manifest itself in return.

In a nutshell, what you think about is what you will bring about.

The Law of Attraction needs four specific steps to be followed in order to ‘kick in’.

Your first and foremost step is to establish what your hearts desires are, and simply ask the Universe what it is you want.

Secondly, being a positive person and releasing your negative energy will be crucial to successful manifestation, so ensure you work on your self and ensure only good supportive thoughts remain consistent throughout your day.

As a third step, act just as if you deserve it and like you already have what it is that your heart truly desires.

Your final step will come naturally, you will see; that is precisely where you will be required to align yourself and allow yourself to totally open up and receive.

Now that you are aware of what the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction are, you will need to figure out how they can be applied in the work environment.

The good new is that the basics of the Law of Attraction can virtually be applied to anything in your life; anything.

You are already doing it, and have been doing it unconsciously for as far as you can remember; and the positive or negative result that you received was directly linked to the state you were in when you were at step two…

The Law of Attraction can be used in a way to find a good parking spot when you go to work, get all the green lights on the way to work (yes!), get a promotion, connect with your co-workers, and so on…

The truth is that you can use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, for any aspect of your career. The simple condition is for you to keep in mind that the energy and thoughts that you have within your self have to remain positive.

Ensure you don’t allow negative thoughts to get to you and do let yourself be blackballed in advance. Learning will be necessary for you to be able to find balance and a comfortable medium at your workplace.

Using the Law of Attraction as a way to motivate you reach your personal and career goals is a great fulfilling attitude, you will find. You sure will realize that the third step indicates that taking control of your career direction and acting as if you had already achieved your goals is crucial to your manifestation process.

Visualizing these will give you a taste of what it would feel like when you successfully meet your goals, which will act as a powerful motivation tool. You are soon to realize that it will also naturally help you to block out any negative energy. Your personality will be stronger in general and it will make you have a firm presence in your work environment, as a result.

Encouragement, empowerment will be felt and experienced, as well as freedom from all the negative feelings and thoughts you may have about yourself. The Law of Attraction will help you feel completely different, as if your internal filters that drive or thoughts had been adjusted to make you perform better.

By performing better and monitoring your thoughts, you will become a better individual. For example, you will get other people to notice you more and will feel more confident when walking into a silenced room. The way that your boss will perceive you will be totally different now that you have become a strong presence.

Think of all the ways that you could benefit from trying the theory in other areas of your life, as well as your career… Individuals living their life by this theory tend to grow much stronger, attract much more of what they desire and seem to find their true happiness much easily.
Why don’t you give this theory a chance in order to not only improve and grow further in your career, but also, and more importantly, in your life in general?

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  1. Byron, I totally am focusing more on this and already I am seeing my life/career shift in the direction that I want..I have always believedin this but this time I have really put it into action..You hav to do the work and be a believer and I am doing the work and I believe...Just watch what happens to my life this year...Thanks for sharing , everybody needs to practice this..Patricia Rivera