Friday, December 24, 2010

How Can I Get Repeat Web Traffic?

Getting visitors to your website is half the battle. The other half is getting them to come back! Find out how with this article on how to get repeat web traffic.

By John Beaumont

You don’t want your new visitors to your website to disappear again so how can you get them to keep visiting your website?
So you have received some visitors to your brand new website but how do you get them to return?
Always make sure you offer additional value first. What do I mean by additional value? One example would be to place links to affiliate and partner sites and request that they do the same for you. If their products are related to your particular industry but not in direct competition with yours then why not advertise their books/videos? With most you should be able to earn some commission and also get repeat traffic.
Give customers the ability to “opt in” for any special discounts/offers. Consider offering a regular newsletter?
Besides adding a link to your primary page asking your visitor to “book mark” or “add to favourites” also add a link asking them to recommend to a friend. It would also be advisable to include a prewritten title such as “I’m sure that this will interest you” just by clicking on it.
An “Our Policy” page clearly defining your business ethics and principles must be included. This will include a privacy policy so that clients feel secure when visiting your site.
Ensure that you site is branded using consistent logos, colours etc so that visitors always know they are on your site. However this doesn’t mean that you neglect to update the pages of your website on a frequent basis as you don’t want to create a stale image but rather an interesting exciting up to the minute site. This will help you get the repeat traffic.
A FAQ page should be created which addresses most of the doubts that you feel your potential client might have and this can be used to also clarify your product/company further.
It is also important that the potential customer can find their way back to your site in the event that they lose the book mark by ensuring that each page has appropriate keywords and titles.
Finally but perhaps most important of all never, never spam any client who has opted in for newsletters with unsolicited emails. Always allow them the option to “opt out” of the mailings and ensure that you honour this request. If they like your products they may come back but they are very unlikely to do so if their email box is flooded with information they no longer wish to receive. Don’t forget you are after repeat traffic
So take care when setting up your website and when done properly you should gain a regular enthusiastic client base who will continue to return to your site on a regular basis. Brilliant!  You now have repeat traffic.
To your success!
John Beaumont Internet Marketer

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