Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratitude - Your Platinum Card To Prosperity

Gratitude opens doors! It paves the way to abundance and prosperity like nothing else. It can line your pockets with gold and fill your bank account quicker than a New York minute. Yet, how many of you are living from a thankful heart each day?

By Veronica Hay

Gratitude opens doors! It paves the way to abundance and prosperity like nothing else. It can line your pockets with gold and fill your bank account quicker than a New York minute.

Yet, how many of you are living from a thankful heart each day?

I was friends with two neighbors a few years back. One was the kind of person who made you just want to shower her with gifts. She responded with such joy and excitement to everything that I gave her. She raved about every little detail of the presents that I gave her, the way they were wrapped, the way her cat took possession of the boxes and took a nap on them every day. The way the item felt when she wore it or just held it in her hand. The beauty of the ribbons and bows and various embellishments. She always made me feel so uplifted and appreciated that I found myself continually on the lookout for something else that she might delight in.

The other neighbor had great difficulty in receiving and made me feel uneasy and even a little sad that she felt so unworthy of any kindness offered to her. After awhile, I just stopped giving her anything. It was too uncomfortable for both of us.

The Universe responds to us in the exact same way. The more grateful we are, the more things we will be given to be grateful for. The more unappreciative we are and undeserving we feel, the less bounty will find its way to our door.

This reminds me of the saying: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” There is so much truth to that and it makes absolute scientific sense.

If you want more of all of the good things in life, then take some time each day to really feel grateful for the myriad of blessings that you have already received, from the little things that you take for granted, to the bigger things that you may not even be aware of yet, let alone acknowledged. Make a point of writing them down and even reading them aloud to reinforce their existence in your life. Do this before your head hits the pillow tonight and you will begin to feel your life moving in a new direction.

Since what you focus on expands, focus on your blessings and watch your blessings grow.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seven Reasons Your Online Strategy is Failing

Seven reasons why small businesses fail to get the results they want from their online marketing.

By Mark Nagurski

Many small businesses fail to get the most from their online presence. The solutions are easy enough to adopt, but first we need to look at the reasons.

Oh, and before we get started, this article is for every business owner - not just those that sell online. It’s for professional service firms, retailers, travel and tourism businesses, non-profits and everyone else.

Reason One: Tick Box Marketing - Also known as the ‘build it and they will come’ strategy, many businesses feel that having a website is enough. It isn’t. You need to devote time, energy and resources into promoting your website both online and off.

Reason Two: A Website for You - Your website isn’t for you, it’s for your prospective customers. Your customers want simple information that helps them make more informed decisions. They want to be able to find your contact details easily. They want to be able to navigate your site intuitively. If you’re not sure that your website is up to scratch then you need to ask.
Of course, your site should be attractive but fancy graphics do little to drive business. Ask yourself, ‘what will my customers want to know before making a buying decision’?

Reason Three: No Content - A well developed website gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and attract visitors in search of solutions. Good websites deliver informative or entertaining content that engages visitors. What content could you add that will show that you know your onions? Think written content, audio and even video. And make sure you keep the content fresh. When was the last time you updated your website?

Reason Four: Bringing Offline Ideas Online - Advertising doesn’t work the same way online as it does offline. People don’t read text the same online as they do in a newspaper or magazine. People don’t find information in the same way online. Do your homework, start by identifying businesses in your industry that are successful online - copy them.

Reason Five: You’re Not Active - Even if you pay no attention to the Internet that doesn’t mean that your prospective customers don’t. Take travel for example. Whether you like it or not, if you’re in the travel industry people are rating and reviewing your offering right now. What forums, websites or social media are people using to discuss you or your industry? What tools are they using to find businesses like yours? You need to know what’s going on online, and for that you need to get active.

Reason Six: You Don’t Know the Basics - If you were born before 1980 you’ll be excused for not knowing how Google ranks websites, what Adwords is or why social networking is important. But if you don’t, now’s the time to learn. Attend a course. Hire a consultant for an hour to explain the basics. Spend time in online business forums.

Reason Seven: You’re Not Doing Anything - If you don’t have an online presence, now is the time to get started. More people are using the Internet to find services and research businesses but getting started is less costly than ever before. If online searchers can’t find you - even if they only account for ten percent of your likely customers - then you won’t get that business.

Mark Nagurski is a small business marketer and blogger. His company, Really Practical Marketing advises small businesses and helps them put written content to use in their businesses. If you found this article useful you can access daily marketing tips at >> www.reallypractical.com

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Make Your Website First On Google's Search Page

The top spot on Google is the holy grail for website owners. If you can get the top spot on Google, you have a good chance of being found. How can you get there? Read on to find out.

By Anton Pearce

Have you been vying for the number one spot on Google’s search page? Google has many different ways of determining how a website gets there. Here are a few tips that can help you optimize your website for Google.

Every website is battling for the top spot in Google’s search results page, and to do that you have to optimize your website for Google. Optimization requires continually improving your site’s content. Even though Yahoo and Bing simply search the tag structures in HTML, Google uses a trickier, and somewhat clandestine, method to determine top spot.

Google looks for websites that continually provide fresh and relevant content. Since Google has such strict guidelines for top spot, it requires web page owners to continually work on keeping their page’s content fresh and relevant to hold a top spot in the list.

Keywords and Phrases
Google looks for phrases and keywords as it is assessing a site. It evaluates a site’s content, and looks for phrases that match a particular search term. If say, a visitor is looking for ‘boat repair’ Google will display pages where that keyword shows up several of times in the body of the page. So when you are optimizing your web page, you should concentrate on phrases rather than single words. Now that you know Google is looking for a particular phrase you do not want to go crazy with that phrase on a page either, because this is know as keyword stuffing. Be careful with keyword phrases—if Google sees too many of them, they will lower your page in the search engine rankings.

The Title Tag
The title tag is important and is unique to each page in a website. The tag can be found on the browser’s title bar. It is also used by Googlebot to see what the page contents are going to be. Google then looks at the page contents and evaluates if the two match, and this helps determine page relevance. Since Google looks at each page in a domain, many sites dynamically generate page titles with an introduction text appended to the company name.

Anchor Text
When you add link tags to your page, this is anchor text. Take care to be precise in your anchor test by using relevant phrases for prominent links on your page. Google is looking for specific link information, so the more specific that you can be the better. If you focus on your site’s keyword terms and make sure that these are always in line with your content, you will make Google’s assessment of your site easy. Google is generous with its link limits saying that no more than 100 links should ever appear on a web page.

Header Tags
Header tags are HTML page elements coded “”, and they provide a bold heading on the page. The headers tell Google what the purpose of the page is, and the title tag tells it the purpose of the website. You should have a header tag on each page.

Quality Content
The last thing that Google is looking for is unique content. Google’s customers are your website visitors, and when Google returns a search list, they want their customers to be happy. So you are helping Google as it is helping your. By finding good, fresh content on your web page along with the keyword phrase that their customer is looking for, Google is happy to place your site at the top of the list and return it to the screen. So if you have bad content - either plagiarized, badly written or irrelevant content - Google is not interested in you. If your site offends the Google guidelines frequently enough, it will eventually blacklist your domain and not even bother to evaluate it.

Optimize Your Website for Google and Make it Readable
By complying with the guidelines that Google has set out for page ranking, you can set your page up to show up at the top of the search list. By continually adding new content, Google will mark your page as a good one to return to its customer. However, you must always make sure that you site is aesthetically pleasing and readable by a human, because the point of why you optimize your website for Google, is to attract new visitors to your page to increase your company’s market share.

Anton Pearce specializes in helping you to use internet marketing to get all the clients you need for your practice. Sign up for his highly acclaimed and miraculously free ezine and find out how to turn your website into an automated new client or patient referral generating machine.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Branding, Publicity & Marketing Success Secrets

Discover the secrets to career and business success using publicity outreach for branding and marketing. Find out how to showcase your credentials, experience, wisdom and expertise using publicity success principles and strategy.

By Annie Jennings

Is there a secret to success? Is there more than one? Yes! Let’s find out what successful people, consultants and business pros believe and do that helps them achieve their optimal potential. What is it that they have in common, whether it’s in their beliefs or in their actions that makes them successful?

First of all they use resources available to them including publicity, self-promotion, branding and marketing to create their outstanding advantage in the marketplace. The rest comes naturally. The major opportunities go to the ones who are visible, making a difference, seen and heard by their target market.

Successful people know that they have to take responsibility and follow it up by taking action. You set you own limits. You are defined by the intensity of your commitment and the depths of your knowledge. In other words, commitment without knowledge can equal frustration and limit your potential. The idea is to add the right knowledge to your ambition so you can climb the ladder for yourself.

Those who make it big believe certain things and do certain things to back up their beliefs. They are ready to invest in themselves. They believe that they are they best investment. Successful people create a business model that meets the demands of their target market. Successful people are ready for action, they are committed and they are willing to go for it with gusto.

Showcase your knowledge. Showcase your talent using media outreach. Your clients will love seeing you out there in the media sharing what you know and commenting on the issues. They enjoy hiring a tried and true professional who understands how to deliver the specific outcome. By doing publicity, marketing and promotion, you let your clients get an idea of your knowledge, wisdom and experience. Your client will want to hire you. Clients want certainty. They want to hire the best. In the end, your clients want to buy outcomes and are happy to pay for your services if you are able to define the return on investment and clearly state how your services can help your clients.

Content is critical when showcasing yourself and your knowledge. The media is your opportunity to shine. Do an outstanding job, pack your commentary with valuable content and share your wisdom and experience in all of your marketing materials including your email newsletters. Be sure your website helps you educate your visitors and your clients.

Success is in your own hands. Taking responsibility for both the successes and failures empowers you to make the changes necessary to turn the situation around or to expand on your success. If you feel powerless in both the good and the bad, you will get stuck in your thinking and in your progress.

Have a terrific attitude. Commit to proven publicity, branding and marketing strategies. Do not fight success the whole way. Be optimistic. Success will come easily to you and it will seem as if everything you do has a terrific outcome. Have confidence in yourself. Go with your gut, your intuition and your instincts when making choices. Be high energy. Be ready for success & take action. P.S. Don’t stop until you get enough success!

Access tremendous publicity resources for both your career and your business at Annie Jennings PR. Free publicity, branding and business marketing special reports are available as well as free MP3 audio recordings to empower your corporate communications strategy. Contact Annie Jennings PR at 908-281-6201

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Truth About What's Really Running Your Business

There's a silent epidemic happening for entrepreneurs world-wide. It's not a pretty epidemic, nor is it fun... but it's an epidemic that can be eradicated by each and every entrepreneur who has been affected by it.

By Christine Kloser

Copyright (c) 2010 Christine Kloser

There’s a silent epidemic happening for entrepreneurs world-wide. It’s not a pretty epidemic, nor is it fun… but it’s an epidemic that can be eradicated by each and every entrepreneur who has been affected by it.

I was personally impacted by this epidemic for many, many years in my business without having any conscious awareness that it was happening, that it had its hold on me. And, I’m hearing more and more about this epidemic as entrepreneurs are waking up and beginning to realize what’s really happening in their businesses.

And, the epidemic is this.... I call it the “Unconscious, Conscious Entrepreneur” syndrome. I can hear you already saying, “What?” “What does it mean to be an “unconscious, conscious entrepreneur?” Right? If you’re reading this ezine and believe in a conscious approach to business, how could you be unconsciousness?

The answer is this. There are ways of being, old habits, default patterns that you aren’t even aware of that are running your business, and your life. While you are likely working very hard (like I did) not to let these old beliefs and behaviors take over… they are so insidious, they can’t help but creep in.

Here are a two of the most common ways this epidemic shows up, and my personal experience with each:

I’m Not Good Enough

If somewhere in your psyche, you have a belief that you are not “good enough” (which is very common for us overachieving entrepreneurs), no matter how much you take action and do things in your business to feel good enough, there will always be an empty space inside of you that can never be filled no matter how much you achieve. Feeling like “enough” has to come from inside of you… it can never come from anything outside of yourself.

How this core belief showed up in me was in my ambitious drive to excel, achieve, and accomplish. While I was connected to really wanting to help people, there had been this underlying “frenetic” feeling that I always had to be doing more. At the time I wasn’t aware that my ambition and my drive to excel was being fueled by a feeling of not being “good enough.” Once I shifted away from being an “unconscious, conscious entrepreneur” and opened my eyes to what was really happening inside of myself, everything changed.

So, I invite you to simply notice if you have an underlying feeling of “not being good enough.” If you do, allow yourself to see how this belief (which is not really the truth of who you are) plays out in your life and your business. With this new awareness, now stay “awake” to it and you’ll see you can begin to make some new choices.

I’m Worried About What Others Think

This is another biggy! Be honest with yourself, and ask yourself if you’re ever done something (or not done something) because of what someone else might think? Did you launch a program you really didn’t want to do, just because your coach or a colleague told you to do it? Have you ever said “yes” to something you wanted to say “no” to because you didn’t want to let down the other person? Chances are you’ve done these things because you allow what others think about you to have an influence on you.

This was another big learning area for me. I used to worry about what others thought about me and what I did or didn’t do (in fact, to be honest, every now and then I still feel this old thought pattern creeping in). But, once I realized how much I had been sacrificing my own joy trying to fit into someone else’s idea of me - someone else’s “box” - I have been working hard within myself to not worry so much about what other people think about me. It’s a tough lesson to learn, especially when you care about others and don’t want to make waves or cause anyone to be upset. However, the most important person to not upset or make waves with is yourself!

So, beginning today, let yourself see if you have been worried about what other people think of you. And, begin to imagine what would be possible if you thought most about what you thought of you. As one of my friends likes to say, “What you think of me is none of my business.”

Christine Kloser, author of The Freedom Formula, helps small businesses put soul in their business and money in the bank. If you want to enjoy a purpose-driven business and a soulful life, send for my free Conscious Business Success Kit, which includes my report, How to Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Made by Conscious Entrepreneurs and audio, 7 Strategies Entrepreneurial Authors Need to Know Before Writing a Word, at LoveYourLife.com.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Business Gifts That Send a Message

Business gifts fall into the area of marketing that is fun to work with. There are hundreds of thousands of choices, each of which can carry your company or product imprint to extend the reach of your marketing campaign. Take a quick look around any office and chances are you will be able to view several imprinted items.

By Bob Ryan

Business gifts fall into the area of marketing that is fun to work with. There are hundreds of thousands of choices, each of which can carry your company or product imprint to extend the reach of your marketing campaign. Take a quick look around any office and chances are you will be able to view several imprinted items. There may be a mug on a desk, or calendar on the wall, proudly displayed and carrying an imprinted message from a company that person has visited, worked with, or purchased from.

Some items are seasonal, like calendars, while others, like the mugs, are timeless. When creating your imprinted message for your business gifts, take a moment to consider if timeliness is an issue. You can do a generic company imprint, or a dated one, depending on the situation and events surrounding the business gift presentation.

Some business gifts are used to thank new or valued clients for their business, to seal a deal, open communication lines, or just to maintain contact. There are pop up calendars that you can mail out, that are fun to put together like a puzzle, but also attractive enough to find a spot on your client’s desk. Some business gifts are more expensive, individualized items, like laptop bags, desk sets, or glassware.

Business gifts can be bigger, and more costly, because they are usually meant for a smaller, but very important audience. They may be presented to those who can make the difference in your company’s success or failure, so take some time to really go through the gift catalog to select just the right one for your marketing objective.

The return on your efforts should be measurable. Business gifts are an important part of your advertising budget. Part of the value of these business gifts lie in their goodwill value, to keep your company and your salesperson in the mind of the recipient. The imprinting will assist this effort, and last as long as the item lasts. They are a subtle reminder to your client of your thoughtfulness, and they keep your message prominently displayed.

We are a site dedicated to helping you and your business market and brand yourself through the use of promotional products.

Monday, March 8, 2010

How to Have People Interested in What You Are Saying For Once

A beginners-guide to using story to become more compelling when you speak. Whether you are trying to persuade your daughter to do her homework, or a customer to buy your product.

By Daniel Batten

By using the 3 tips below, you will pick up - a formula to tell people information about your product so they remember it and buy it. - a simple structure to give people facts in a presentation so they stay alert and interested. - a 3-part method you can use to sell ideas without people feeling like you are selling. For example, you can even sell to your teenager the facts about why s/he should do their homework. When applied, these tips will make what you say memorable, even if people currently don’t listen to what you say at all.

We humans have evolved to store information in our heads when its told in a story. Think of story like the supermarket shelf, and the information being the food. Imagine shopping in a supermarket with no shelves. That’s the way people feel listening to you when you give information without a story. No-one can resist a good story well told, The three tools below will show you how to make your stories interesting, so nobody gets bored and thinks they’d rather get shot in the face than listen to you. The first three rules below will get you started!

Tip 1: The “What’s the Point” Phrase.

Have you ever heard a story that went all over the place? - no beginning, middle or end? Perhaps it was you who was giving it? By using this next tool, you can stop this from happening ever again.

The secret is to use a “What’s the point” phrase. This phrase sums up the point in 10 words. If you don’t have a “What’s the point” phrase, you don’t have a story.

For example, if you are telling a story about how you locked yourself out of your apartment half-dressed’ ask yourself “What’s the point?” Is it - “Thinking ahead saves time” or - “We find creative solutions when we have no other choice” or - “Every problem has a solution?” or - “You can trust me. I’m prepared to tell a story that paints me in a less-than-glowing light!

Whatever you choose as your phrase, you then need to cut out anything (no matter how good) that doesn’t relate to that phrase.

Tip 2: Edit yourself.

You don’t have to have a pen and paper to edit. You can practice editing in your own head by asking yourself a couple of simple questions. See, most humans over-explain things. That’s because we care about what we are talking about. But they don’t… yet. Here’s how you make them care.

Every word should be treated as though it has a cost: don’t get charged “extra baggage” for every unnecessary word.

When it comes to people being interested in what you say: Remember: less is more. So rather than thinking “does this add more info” ask yourself “does this improve the power-to-weight ratio of my story”.

Stop worrying “how much information can I say” and start asking yourself “how much information will they remember?” By asking yourself these editing questions, you will start to speak in a way that others can remember, because you removed what wasn’t memorable before you opened your mouth.

Tip 3: Add spice.

What gives a story spice? Cool characters and delicious dialog right? Its very easy to create this yourself. Rather than say “I went to see my My General Manager and asked him to change some things about how he ran the company” say

That Thursday I saw my General Manager Graham Orphin - think Art Garfunkel with a moustache and English Accent. I said “Ummm, I have some ideas on what this company can do better” and then I listed them.“number one ...”.

Why is this so much more effective? Because it lets the person listening to you form a mental picture of the person, and the dialog allows them to relive your moment with you.

Doing this enhances their connection with you because they can connect to your story, and connection is the key for people being interested in what you say.

Everyone loves a good story-teller. Story profoundly improves business-results and definitely increases your market worth, making life more fun for you and those around you. There is more to it - but this is plenty for now: better to pinpoint the “low hanging fruit” than get overwhelmed and end up getting no fruit at all.

Daniel Batten makes products to help you succeed in your business/career by becoming a persuasive speaker, a compelling GenX leader, or an indispensible employee. Find out more about how to increase your market worth today by subscribing to his free newsletter, available at: => http://beyondtheceiling.com/newsletter.html

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The #2 Reason Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

The #2 reason however is lack of having a plan; a big picture plan and vision that is. Planning is quite different these days when you're dealing with much more online or global business prospects and promotions.

By Katrina Sawa

Last month I wrote about the #1 reason your marketing isn’t working and I thought I’d continue on with that trend to see what else I could come up with...the #1 reason was ‘the marketing doesn’t matter without the right mindset’.

The #2 reason however is lack of having a plan; a big picture plan and vision that is. Planning is quite different these days when you’re dealing with much more online or global business prospects and promotions.

Just because it’s easier to reach your prospects and clients faster with email, social media and video doesn’t mean you want to stop planning and just record something and send it out when you feel like it.

This is what I see business owners doing however more and more and frankly it’s not getting most of them anywhere; they’re not seeing results running this type of hap hazard marketing strategy.

As the CEO of your small business (even home based or online business owner, yes you too), you need a big picture plan on ‘what’s next’. You always want to be thinking “what’s next” or you’ll stay stagnant and won’t grow as fast because you aren’t thinking far enough and planning far enough in advance.

If you are serious about building a 6 or 7+ figure business then you seriously need to sit down and develop a clear marketing action plan, big picture business vision, business operating systems and then figure out (ahead of time) how you (or your team) is going to implement that plan...because implementation is the KEY.

Here are a few examples of things you’ll want to be planning for if you’re serious about building your business next year:

- How are you going to attract more clients
- How are you following up with the ones you have
- What do you need to learn more about
- What kind of support team do you need to put in place
- What opportunities are available to you now
- What are your BIG IDEAS and how do you plan to implement/launch/sell them
- Is your web presence currently able to support all that you need to do
- Do you have enough streams of income in place or which to start
- What is your system for getting support
- How will you stay motivated
- How will you invest in yourself; in which coach or mentor
-What is your plan for self care and sooooo much more....

I hate to see it when small business owners have to go back and get a J.O.B. or struggle basically to survive trying to do what they love..yet they really have no idea what they’re doing to grow their business. It’s a shame that most entrepreneurs like this won’t invest in their own learning or coaching so that they can learn what it takes to run a smooth-running, money-making business that they’re passionate about. We spend money to go to school, college or trade school to learn what it is we’re supposed to ‘do’ for our life yet we won’t invest in ourselves as entrepreneurs to learn what we need to do to more effectively run and grow our businesses.

That seems kind of silly to me??

My parents spent a ton of money on my formal business education and I had jobs that stemmed from that...but I was meant to be an entrepreneur not an employee. And everything I learned about running my business and being an entrepreneur I learned from other people in my field who were doing what I was doing and who were ahead of me and who taught me what to do specifically to accelerate my learning curve.

So, as the CEO of your business, I say it’s time to take your business seriously and:

- set up a big picture plan (get help if you need to to see what’s possible)
- set up systems and implementation strategy to put that plan into action
- invest back in yourself and your business for continued learning and coaching
- always think about ‘what’s next’ I hope this gives you some things to think about but just don’t sit there and THINK about them, do something about them!

Remember, to get a plan in order to get a more specific and targeted approach to your marketing and business growth. It’s often times hard to see what’s possible for yourself however, we can only think as big as our minds have been conditioned to think.

(c) Copyright 2009 K. Sawa Marketing International. Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author & Speaker who's helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues & their personal life. Get her Free Entrepreneur's Success Kit at http://www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com !

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The #1 Reason Your Marketing Isn't Working

Your marketing doesn't matter without the right mindset - do you have the right mindset for success and abundance??

By Katrina Sawa

Your marketing doesn’t matter without the right mindset - do you have the right mindset for success and abundance?? You basically might as well STOP marketing because it’s useless without the following beliefs:

Do you believe that it will all work out in the end?

Do you believe that YOU are destined for greatness?

Do you believe that YOU deserve it?

Do you KNOW without a shadow of doubt that you will make tons of money, doing what you love
to do, serving those you love to serve in the type of business model that fits your lifestyle??

Do you believe that if you give, you’ll receive?

Do you believe that money is energy and it has to flow in and out of your life in order for you to get what you want?

Do you believe that you have to invest your money and time in order to show the Universe that you’re serious about being in business and to get what you want?

Do you believe that the Universe will come through and show you the way (the HOW) if you take that next step or leap of faith?

If you are missing ANY of these mindset beliefs then your marketing may not work!

Over the last few years I’ve gotten really in touch with my intuition, my inner gut feelings and emotions, and I’ve learned to fully value myself NO MATTER WHAT.

This is something though that I see is lacking in pretty much MOST of the minds of the entrepreneurs that I come in contact with on a daily basis.

I wish there was a MAGIC PILL I could serve up to those who lack in some of these beliefs to change your mindset, beliefs and turn them into only POWERFUL, EMPOWERING BELIEFS instead. But unfortunately there is no magic pill.

There is only time, persistence, awareness and transformation that can occur within you, outside of you, all around you.....in order to make these mindset shifts.

The problem is that most people have a hard time accomplishing this themselves....

My experience is that I need someone (or a group of someones) to hold me accountable each week/month, someone to hold the mirror up in front of my face often to show me just how great I really am, and someone to inspire and motivate me to live bigger and believe in myself 100%.

What is your plan for change in the next year?? Are you going to keep doing things the same way or do you want things in your life and your business to CHANGE DRAMATICALLY??

Do you want to make more money than you’ve dreamed?

Do you want to live the happiest life ever?

Do you want to be fully in love (with yourself and others)?

Well what are you going to do about it??

(c) Copyright 2009 K. Sawa Marketing International. Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author & Speaker who's helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues & their personal life. Get her Free Entrepreneur's Success Kit at http://www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com !

Monday, March 1, 2010

Law of Attraction: Using it to Your Advantage at Work

Anyone not aware of the Law of Attraction principle is bound to soon realize that such theory is basic fundamental of the Buddhist Faith. In a nutshell, what you think about is what you will bring about...

By Nicolas Baron

Anyone not aware of the Law of Attraction principle is bound to soon realize that such theory is a basic fundamental of the Buddhist Faith.

The basis of what the theory stands for is that your thoughts become your reality. It basically boils down to the simple fact that we are all totally responsible for our own destiny, and what ever we give to the world will manifest itself in return.

In a nutshell, what you think about is what you will bring about.

The Law of Attraction needs four specific steps to be followed in order to ‘kick in’.

Your first and foremost step is to establish what your hearts desires are, and simply ask the Universe what it is you want.

Secondly, being a positive person and releasing your negative energy will be crucial to successful manifestation, so ensure you work on your self and ensure only good supportive thoughts remain consistent throughout your day.

As a third step, act just as if you deserve it and like you already have what it is that your heart truly desires.

Your final step will come naturally, you will see; that is precisely where you will be required to align yourself and allow yourself to totally open up and receive.

Now that you are aware of what the fundamentals of the Law of Attraction are, you will need to figure out how they can be applied in the work environment.

The good new is that the basics of the Law of Attraction can virtually be applied to anything in your life; anything.

You are already doing it, and have been doing it unconsciously for as far as you can remember; and the positive or negative result that you received was directly linked to the state you were in when you were at step two…

The Law of Attraction can be used in a way to find a good parking spot when you go to work, get all the green lights on the way to work (yes!), get a promotion, connect with your co-workers, and so on…

The truth is that you can use the Law of Attraction to your advantage, for any aspect of your career. The simple condition is for you to keep in mind that the energy and thoughts that you have within your self have to remain positive.

Ensure you don’t allow negative thoughts to get to you and do let yourself be blackballed in advance. Learning will be necessary for you to be able to find balance and a comfortable medium at your workplace.

Using the Law of Attraction as a way to motivate you reach your personal and career goals is a great fulfilling attitude, you will find. You sure will realize that the third step indicates that taking control of your career direction and acting as if you had already achieved your goals is crucial to your manifestation process.

Visualizing these will give you a taste of what it would feel like when you successfully meet your goals, which will act as a powerful motivation tool. You are soon to realize that it will also naturally help you to block out any negative energy. Your personality will be stronger in general and it will make you have a firm presence in your work environment, as a result.

Encouragement, empowerment will be felt and experienced, as well as freedom from all the negative feelings and thoughts you may have about yourself. The Law of Attraction will help you feel completely different, as if your internal filters that drive or thoughts had been adjusted to make you perform better.

By performing better and monitoring your thoughts, you will become a better individual. For example, you will get other people to notice you more and will feel more confident when walking into a silenced room. The way that your boss will perceive you will be totally different now that you have become a strong presence.

Think of all the ways that you could benefit from trying the theory in other areas of your life, as well as your career… Individuals living their life by this theory tend to grow much stronger, attract much more of what they desire and seem to find their true happiness much easily.
Why don’t you give this theory a chance in order to not only improve and grow further in your career, but also, and more importantly, in your life in general?

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